About Us

About Us


      Aim and Values

      Grupo Supervielle is a national private capital financial group whose origins date to 1887. The group is mainly focused on rendering banking and financial services targeted to both individuals and small and medium size companies while relying on a wide distribution network all across the country.

      Our aim:

      Keeping main focus on our clients and gaining recognition through our flexible, straightforward and receptive operating philosophy.

      ÁGIL: Leadership and innovation

      "Focusing on both our clients, and our leadership style and our innovation processes provides us with our operating flexibility"

      We envision our organization as a constellation rather than an organization chart. Each of us is well aware of our role and contribution to our bank, which enables us to understand the relation and connection in our tasks and others’ and makes us feel part of a great group. This is what our leadership style is about: We start by focusing on others.

      The other comes first, that is, our client: you. That’s the reason why we are constantly seeking to innovate and make our processes more flexible, which will enable us to provide you with quick and tailor-made responses. We innovate because we are aimed at offering you additional opportunities and a better service.

      SENCILLO: Simplicity and Efficiency

      "By designing simple operations we manage to combine simplicity and efficiency, which enables us to offer additional benefits".

      The simplification of your daily operations offers us great advantage as we have turned simplicity into our management model. We design bureaucracy-and-hierarchy-free operations, which can be explained and understood easily. We believe that simple processes produce efficient solutions and tools.

      CORDIAL: Commitment and respect

      "Being receptive means being committed to listening and respecting others".

      We are committed to building a warm and close relationship both with you, our client, and the whole community where we operate. Our role is aimed at supporting your development as a member of your community. We encourage dialogue and respect based on lots of voices. Our objective is to turn our listening and interacting with you into a real incentive for our organization since we want you to feel a member as well.