ESG Strategy

ESG Highlights

At Grupo Supervielle, we are committed with our employees, customers and communities to grow sustainably, protecting the environment and acting socially responsibly.

Our sustainability strategy is integrated into our business model and we promote a responsible culture among our employees.

We openly and transparently report our non-financial performance including our environmental, social and corporate governance factors (ESG).

Transparency And Sustainability Strategy Disclosure Standards


Sustainability Report based on international standards (GRI and SASB) published since 2015, with independent validation from Price Waterhouse & Co. S.R.L. Shows performance in economic, social, and environmental matters.

Corporate Panel

First financial group admitted to the GC level of the BYMA Corporate Governance Panel. Includes those companies that voluntarily disclose corporate governance practices in line with best international standards.

Sustainability Index

Fourth consecutive year integrating the first sustainability index of the Argentine market, created by ByMA jointly by the IDB

Institutional Investor

Disclosed our ESG Commitments and Goals up to 2024.

External Validation Assurance

Board oversight encompasses Grupo Supervielle’s ESG initiatives and performance, led by Atilio María Dell’Oro Maini, who heads the Ethics, Compliance and Corporate Governance Committee.
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Our Environmental Responsibility

We work to reduce the impact of our operations on the environment by implementing a responsible environmental management system

Environment – Lines of Action


Energy Management

We implement programs that promote energy efficiency and expand the sustainable use of renewable resources.


Natural Resources, Supplies And Waste Management

We adopt internal processes that promote the efficient use of natural resources used in our daily operations and reduce the negative impact on the environment by the waste generated in our production and consumption processes.


Sustainable Finance

We develop financial products and services to fund companies and projects that generate a positive environmental and social impact.


Awareness Campaign

We create awareness and promote adequate learning in environmental matters with the goal of promoting a sustainability culture among our employees, suppliers and customers.

Environment – Key Facts


It is the calculation of our Carbon Footprint in headquarters and branches for the 2021 period considering Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse emissions.

carbon footprint offset in 2020

We acquired 1,085 carbon bonds certified by VERRA. By doing so, we helped to prevent deforestation of the Amazon rainforest and generated positive local impact, planting 2,500 native trees in the Lanín National Park (Neuquén – Argentina).
Parque Nacional Lanín


Avoided emissions in our 2021 daily operations.


+800 obsolete IT equipment donated to Fundación Equidad for refurbishment and donated to schools, community kitchens and NGOs in the City of Buenos Aires and Greater Buenos Aires.


issued credit cards made from 85% recycled plastic. Avoiding the production of 176 kgs released to the environment.


of our employees have an assigned sustainable kit as part of our de-plasticization campaign to avoid single use plastics.


We conducted 136 environmental risk assessments, representing 91% of the credit limit in pesos, reaching a stock of 628 environmental analyses performed.

In 2021 Banco Supervielle acted as placement agent for the first bond categorized as Social, Green and Sustainable by BYMA among small and medium size companies, issued by SION S.A. for financing the expansion of its internet network to low population density regions.

We also acted as placement agent for BYMA´s first green corporate bond related to the sustainability of Red Surcos S.A., for financing its new low environmental impact herbicides.

Our Social Responsibility

We work to be an agent of change that creates sustainable social value and to generate a positive impact on our customers, employees and communities.

Social – Lines of Action



We drive financial inclusion by expanding the use of financial products and services among our customers, facilitating the adoption of new digital tools and promoting financial education.



We create opportunities for our employees to develop their full potential and growth, and we promote a diverse and inclusive work culture that values each individual and their contribution.



We promote social impact investment in projects related to education, childhood, the elderly and strengthening of public sector institutions, as well as activities that promote culture and the arts.

Social – Key Facts



Customers trained in financial education and digital literacy.


digitized customers


Senior citizen clients digitized. We achieved a better experience due to greater functionalities of the senior citizens app and the extension of the 24-hour lobbies, preventing clients from having to go to the branch



Average training hours per employee and total AR$75.99 million invested in training.


Women account for 19% of senior executive positions within Grupo Supervielle but we are working on a DIB’s strategy to increase this ratio.

30 days

We are working towards equal parental leaves to promote gender equality. So far, we were able to extend our parental leave up to 30 days for fathers.



Food plates donated by Grupo Supervielle and its clients to Banco de Alimentos in the last four years to supplement the diet of children and adults in vulnerable situations.


Volunteers (actions) of Grupo Supervielle that have been joining year after year since 2015 in solidarity and environmental initiatives to solve problems of various kinds in the communities where we operate.


scholarship holders for university, preparatory and job specialization studies since 2015.

Our Corporate Governance Responsibility

We operate in accordance with the highest standards of corporate governance, promoting transparency, ethical behavior, respect for the principle of legality and the sustainability of our activities and those of our value chain.


Corporate Governance - Lines of Action

Respect for the  principle of legality

Respect for the principle of legality

We periodically review the degree of compliance with laws and regulations that are applicable to us and implement the necessary actions to correct deviations.



We provide information in a clear, precise and objective manner to allow interested parties to accurately assess the impact that Grupo Supervielle’s decisions and activities have on their respective interests.

Ethical Behaviour

Ethical Behaviour

We promote an ethical behavior based on our values and on a culture of integrity, both in the development of our activities and in the decision-making process in the interaction between our employees and with our stakeholders.

Value Chain

Value Chain

We work to maximize opportunities to generate shared value with our value chain, ensuring the adoption by our suppliers of the fundamental principles in terms of sustainability.

Corporate Governance – Key Facts


consecutive years as part of the BYMA Corporate Governance Panel, which includes those companies already listed in BYMA that voluntarily complied with corporate governance practices in line with the best international standards.


Consecutive years publishing the Sustainability Report based on international standards (Global Reporting Initiative) which shows the performance in economic, social and environmental matters of the companies that comprise Grupo Supervielle.

First year publishing the Sustainability Report based on international Standards (SASB) to more broadly integrate ESG criteria in the Company´s strategic planning.


of our employees took the Code of Ethics E-Learning course.


Employees trained in the Prevention of Corruption Integrity Program.


Banco Supervielle employees took the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing course as of March 2022.


Grupo Supervielle maintains fluid and transparent relationships with its stakeholders and continually seeks to understand their expectations and concerns, with the goal of translating these into information of strategic value for effectively managing the business. 

Grupo Supervielle’s vision is in line with the expectations and needs of its stakeholders. The materiality analysis is a key process to identify those expectations and to develop action plans, objectives and strategies that promote sustainable development.

The materiality analysis is carried out annually and it is aligned with the Global Reporting Initiative Standards (GRI). The materiality issues for 2020 are listed below:


  • Development of products and services designed to provide social and environmental benefits and Credit risk evaluation policies and procedures with environmental and social criteria
  • Optimization of resources
  • Energy management


  • Client data protection
  • Human Rights assessment
  • Diversity and equal opportunities
  • People training and education
  • Financial inclusion of disadvantaged groups
  • Quality employment
  • Market positioning of our Value proposition
  • Economic Value creation for the comunity
  • Management of Employee staff health and safety
  • Good relationships with the community
  • Access points in sectors of low socio-economic levels
  • Commitment with customers


  • Profitability and economic sustainability
  • Ethical Behavior and Integrity culture
  • Socio-economic regulatory compliance
  • Transparency in the information of Products and services
  • Management of the value chain

We have identified the following stakeholders:


Materiality analysis

For the 2020 fiscal year, in addition to the information obtained from the different dialogue channels that are constantly active, we conducted online surveys with our stakeholders and held personal conversations with employees. The materiality of the 2020 Sustainability Report, which is made up of 12 topics, is the result of said interactions.


Sustainability Reports

We would like you to get to know us, to learn about our projects and initiatives. In this section you can find Grupo Supervielle Sustainability Reports, which show the main results at an economic, social and environmental level, focusing on the most relevant issues for our stakeholders.

They are prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative standards and seek to share Grupo Supervielle's contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Moreover underscoring our commitment to ESG, in 2021 we also begun disclosing, in the framework of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB).

Past Reports