Our Strategy

Driving Long-Term Value Creation by Building an Ecosystem Focused on Meeting our Customer’ Everyday Banking and Wellness Needs

We are advancing on our strategy to transform our Company into a customer centric, leading edge, cost efficient player and position our business to serve consumer's evolving needs and aspirations. Increasingly, customers want and expect to engage with us anytime from anywhere. Our digital strategy is aimed at answering that demand and we are deploying a five-prongued approach to achieve our goal:

Transform the Core to Drive CX

Advancing on the transformation of our core businesses -across all subsidiaries- to offer a full digital customer experience, while scaling agility and driving efficiencies. This includes a modern IT architecture adding APIs, a data lake to become a data driven enterprise and migrating to a hybrid multi cloud.

Develop Digital Businesses Based on A.I.

Leveraging capabilities through the development of our Digital Businesses based on Artificial Intelligence.


Focused on creating incremental business opportunities, through strategic alliances with fintechs and insurtechs to enhance our ecosystem.

Build an Ecosystem

Building an ecosystem focused on our customers’ everyday banking and wellness needs, integrating our service offerings, adding partnerships, and enhancing CX. All while driving synergies among our different verticals, increasing customer loyalty and pursuing cross selling initiatives. We currently serve +2.0 million customers through our Ecosystem.

See below the presentation made by our Chairman and CEO in the 4Q21 Earnings Call on our focus on long-term value creation and the advance on our six strategic pillars to improve ROE, the leading indicators of our transformation that confirm we are on the right track, and our key goals for 2022.

Our Digital Transformation KPIs are updated on a quarterly basis and can be downloaded below:

Digital Transformation - 4Q22 KPIs evolution