Culture & People

In a world that is constantly evolving, at Grupo Supervielle we adopt agility as a vital part of our culture and work philosophy. We promote a diverse and inclusive workspace that values each individual and their contribution. Our focus on developing talent within the organization is furthered by workshops and internal training opportunities which broaden their understanding of our business, stimulate their curiosity and develop important new skills within our teams that encourage personal and professional growth; enabling Supervielle employees to thrive both within and outside the organization. Further, civic and volunteer opportunities encourage them to share their skills; favorably impacting their communities and society as a whole. Free and fluid communication is also encouraged within Supervielle, through internal channels and platforms which ensure broad communication with important updates and developments which improve and inform their work.


At Grupo Supervielle we promote a diverse and inclusive work culture that values each individual and its contribution.

As part of our comprehensive ESG-based sustainability strategy, we work to build diversity in the workplace. Our purpose is to be a financial group where every employee can contribute and help to shape who we are and what we do, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnic group or other characteristic. We believe that a diverse workforce encourages creativity and innovation and allow employees to share their unique backgrounds, experiences and perspective.

With the sponsorship of our Board, our first step was to shape up a multi-disciplinary team throughout all our group companies followed by the launch of a diagnostic stage carried out with the support of Because Energy Matters, a consultant firm that specializes in sustainability. It includes: (i) a live virtual launch event for the whole organization, (ii) project presentations for each company’s senior management team, (iii) quantitative data screening segmented by geographical area, gender and age (iv) the launch of an anonymous survey for all employees to better understand their perception on a variety of issues such as diversity, inclusion and discrimination, and (v) a complementary qualitative analysis of timely relevant issues through focus groups open discussions.

We expect that all these initiatives currently in progress will allow us to identify barriers and opportunities to design an assertive diversity and Inclusion action plan and address them successfully.



The world is constantly evolving, people change, customers demand ever-increasing speed and quality of response from us and we want to live up to their expectations. That is why our work dynamic is fundamental and a priority.

We have adopted agility as a vital part of our work culture and philosophy, with a focus on minimizing efforts and achieving the highest possible value in the shortest possible time. Agility promotes conversations and interactions between people and fosters autonomy within teams. Agility is about trying fast, failing fast, correcting, improving, and continuing, which is key in the volatile and changing world in which we live. Agile working allows us to be better prepared for the speed of change with which we live in these days, generating flexible and safe processes. Behaviors and skills such as the ability to learn new things, remain curious, openminded, and willing to contribute to changes become fundamental. This philosophy enables us to be more flexible and permeable.

We accompany this framework with a new operating model introduced in September 2020, that is, the way in which we organize ourselves: placing the customer at the center of all our actions. All of us who choose to be part of Supervielle are passionate about our “#ModoCliente” (#CustomerWay).

We have organized the company into Individuals, Corporates & SMEs, and Payments, with Customer Service and Omnichannel cutting across end-to-end interactions, or experiences. These sets of experiences are managed by empowered squads as part of a Tribe that works to enhance the Supervielle customer experience.

Our Operating Model is supported by six Centers of Excellence: Digital Transformation, Data & advanced Analytics, Architecture, Cybersecurity, CX and Digital Marketing, that distribute talent, resources, and knowledge to each squad so that they can carry out their purpose based on the best practices of each discipline.



At Supervielle we believe that learning has no limits or formulas. We believe that this is what helps us design our future, our transformation, and our evolution.

In a rapidly changing environment, we need employees who are #Players of their learning. In this line, we developed our Virtual Campus that focus on the #Learner, where each employee can find asynchronous e-learning courses, suggested contents, and careers.

In turn, our Campus has helped us achieve scale in learning. Our platform encourages the learner´s protagonism, since the more than 400 contents that we offer are available and open to our staff regardless of their position in the organization.

These courses can be normative, aimed at developing knowledge as well as skills. There is content aligned to our transformation and we are developing our Academies specialized in key knowledge for our business, such as the CX and Data Academies.

In annual terms, we exceeded 50,000 training hours through our platform. This is equivalent to a monthly average of 5,000 hours in training, with a satisfaction level of 87%. Importantly, 95% of our employees are active on our virtual campus and on average 88% of the content is regarded as applicable.

Internal Communication

Internal Communication

Workplace: The launch of the Facebook Workplace platform was planned to take place together with multiple actions and tools but, given the expected launch date of March 16, 2020 and due to the pandemic, it was launched 100% virtually. Within this framework, a Covid19 Chat Bot was developed so that employees could ask all kinds of questions in relation to the pandemic.

A total of 3,097 active users were achieved in the first week since launch, equivalent to 82% of the Bank's total staff, reaching a total of 3,481 users at the end of the first month. Facebook defines success when engagement reaches 80% of active users in the first month. Moreover, two months after the launch, we achieved 100% of active users.

There were 135 user sessions with 1,280 messages sent on the Covid19 Chat BOT. Overall, there were 3,124 publications, 7,478 comments, 63,420 reactions and 202,411 messages.

Influencers: We launched the concept of “Influencers” for Internal Communications, an initiative typically engaged for external communications. We created a network of Influencers composed of the most active employees in the Bank's social network. These employees were trained to transmit the tenets of Digital Transformation and its areas of action. Therefore, the role of these internal influencers was paramount in advancing the Bank's transformation strategy.

The role of the influencer is to be the communications reference for their area, keeping a 360 view, and thus, decentralizing internal communications to more effectively reach all employees. The Influencer communicates the initiatives in his area and works as a team member with the internal communications area.

Each sector of the organization selected a representative to communicate the relevant news within the group, reaching a total of 300 influencers distributed across all areas of the Bank.

The creation of the Influencer figure had the goal of generating facilitators within each group to ease interaction, generate best practices and provide social network information to assist their groups in a particularly challenging time given the Pandemic. To achieve this, profiles for influencers included effective communication skills, commitment, innovation, adjustment to change, productivity and content generation.

A special communications campaign was developed to publicize the role of influencers and to carry out this initiative. The Influencer had to have self-initiative, and work as a team with the internal communications area.

The influencers were an important pillar behind the successful launch of Workplace. As members of the initial pilot, they encouraged their colleagues to join the new network, created a group where they share important information and became a representative that reflects proximity and constantly creates content to share.


Keeping a long-term vision, our strategic corporate volunteering program seeks to align Grupo Supervielle’s objectives with the interests of the employees and the social needs of the community in which we operate. We have established two types of programs: (i) proprietary programs or in alliance with NGOs to which we invite employees to participate, and (i) volunteer programs designed by employees denominated “Capitanes” (or Captains).

The Capitanes program seeks to deepen the social commitment of Grupo Supervielle’s employees and generate dialogue and real impact in the communities where the Company is present. Volunteers, led by a captain, carry out collaborative projects with social organizations. These projects are aimed at fostering local development and community strengthening.