About Us


With more than 130 years of experience in Argentina, Grupo Supervielle provides a range of financial and non-financial services to its clients. Focused on helping transform and facilitate their life experiences, we offer agile solutions and effectively adapt to fundamental changes. The Group brings together multiple platforms and brands, developing a diverse ecosystem with a shared vision where customer centrality and digital transformation form its backbone. Since May 2016, the Group's shares have been listed on ByMA and NYSE, example of its value, soundness and commitment to strengthening the national economy.

We are a customer centric financial and wellness services platform successfully undergoing an extensive digital and operational transformation with the goal of building long-term value creation

Strong branding

We are a household name and the oldest private franchise in the country which owns the eighth largest Argentine private bank in terms of loans.

Cultural & digital transformation

Placing the customer at the center of all we do, we are advancing on the implementation of a deep cultural and digital transformation across our company, scaling the adoption of agile working methodologies, leveraging digital marketing and AI capabilities, as well as cloud services.

Customer service model evolution

We are accelerating our transformation initiatives across channels deepening our omnichannel model. This includes developing a modern technological architecture, evolving our bank branch model and adding API capabilities to connect to third parties and prepare for open banking. All while improving the customer journey and driving efficiency.

Building a service ecosystem

We continue to build our ecosystem integrating our service offerings and adding partnerships, enhancing CX. All while driving synergies among our different verticals, increasing customer loyalty and pursuing cross selling initiatives. With the aim of expanding our markets, we are starting to embark on selective regionalization initiatives leveraging our proven capabilities.

Strong track record & solid capital base

In addition to organic growth, we have significantly increased our business through acquisitions expanding 25 times our loan market share to 5% of the private financial system between 2002-2020. Strong liquidity and an adequate capital base support our growth initiatives.

Operating in a healthy and underpenetrated financial system

The Argentine market is one of the least penetrated financial systems in Latin America, with a fragmented, competitive landscape. This situation presents a number of growth opportunities, as the country resumes its stabilization process. We are well positioned and constantly evolving to capture these growth opportunities given our focus on a differentiated customer experience.