Shareholders Structure

Since May 19, 2016, Grupo Supervielle Class B shares trade on ByMA (formerly MERVAL) and MAE under the ticker ‘SUPV.’ Grupo Supervielle ADS representing 5 Class B shares each have been trading on the NYSE under the ticker ‘SUPV.’

Shareholder structure as of December 31, 2023:

Class A Shares Class B Shares Total
Julio Patricio Supervielle and sons* 61.738.188 100.113.763 161.851.951
Class B Shares-Floating
81.026.164 81.026.164
Clss B Shares held by the Company´s treasury
14.050.492 14.050.492
ADRs (expressed in Class B Shares) 199.793.715 199.793.715
Total 61.738.188 394.984.134 456.722.322
Julio Patricio Supervielle is the controlling shareholder with 61,738,188 Class A shares and 74,621,278 Class B shares representing 55.6% of voting rights and 29.9% of economic rights

Each share of our common stock represents the same economic interests, except that holders of our Class A shares are entitled to five votes per share and holders of our Class B shares are entitled to one vote per share.


1. As of December 31, 2023
2. Voting rights excludes for the calculation 14,050,492 Class B Shares as of December 31, 2023 , held by the Company´s treasury. These share were repurchased by the company under the current buyback program. As today the company holds these shares in the treasury portfolio