Shareholders Structure

Since May 19, 2016, Grupo Supervielle Class B shares trade on ByMA (formerly MERVAL) and MAE under the ticker ‘SUPV.’ Grupo Supervielle ADS representing 5 Class B shares each have been trading on the NYSE under the ticker ‘SUPV.’

Class A Shares Class B Shares Total
Controlling Shareholder 61.738.188 98.684.713 160.422.901
Class B Shares
73.397.576 73.397.576
ADRs (expressed in Class B Shares) 222.901.845 222.901.845
Total 61.738.188 394.984.134 456.722.322

Each share of our common stock represents the same economic interests, except that holders of our Class A shares are entitled to five votes per share and holders of our Class B shares are entitled to one vote per share.

*As of December, 2021