Business Overview

Business Overview

Grupo Supervielle is a fast growing financial services company in Argentina, with 3 billion dollars in assets, more than 2 million clients and an overall loan market share of 5.1% of the Argentine Private Financial market.

We are a universal and integrated Financial Services platform, with a nationwide distribution network. We create value by focusing in high margin clients with potential for continued growth in Consumer Finance, SME and Middle Market and with leadership position in certain markets segments, products and geographical areas.

Business model

We offer diverse financial products and services that are specifically tailored to cover the different needs of our customers through a multi-brand and multi-channel platform. We have developed a multi-brand business model to differentiate the financial products and services we offer to a wide spectrum of individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises ("SMEs") and medium to large-sized companies in Argentina.

We deliver tailored value propositions in each of the key business segments in which we operate.

Corporate Segment

We have a strong value proposition with SME and middle market customers based on:

  • Our outstanding transactional and cash management services
  • The development of strategic partnerships with key industry players and their critical providers and suppliers along their value chains
  • Quick decision-making with respect to our credit evaluation process, and personal attention.

Retail Banking

Our retail segment is customer oriented, with two differentiated distribution networks:

  • The Bank’s branches that service retail clients, mostly located in high income locations in the City and Province of Buenos Aires, as well as in the Cuyo region.
  • A dedicated infrastructure of 78 senior citizens service centers enable us to be the largest player in this space, with customized offers of financial & non-financial services catered to its specific needs, low delinquency, low cost and stable funding and high customer loyalty.
Retail Banking Retail Banking

Consumer Finance

In consumer finance, the main distribution channel is Walmart, with presence in 79 stores and over 388,000 customers.

Through CCF and Tarjeta Automática, Supervielle offers credit card services and loans to the middle and lower-middle-income sectors. Product offerings also include consumer loans, credit cards and insurance products through an exclusive agreement with Walmart Argentina, as well as with other agreements with retailers such as Hiper Tehuelche and through Tarjeta Automática branch network. Moreover, through Espacio Cordial, which is reported in the consumer finance segment since 2018, Supervielle offers non-financial products and services. Since MILA acquisition, the new portfolio of used car loans and its respective results are recorded under Consumer Finance Segment.

Consumer Finance business focuses its operations on two key tenets:

  • Accessibility: flexible proposals focused on the client and adapted to the multichannel concept.
  • Diversification: products that satisfy the needs of customers at each stage of their lives with personalized offerings and differential value proposals depending on the different clusters to which they belong.

Cross-Selling Segments

We consistently seek to leverage the strong cross-selling potential of our multi-brand and multi-channel business model and our stable pool of over two million customers. Through our multi-brand and multichannel approach, we are able to cross-sell and create synergies across our segments. Bancassurance specifically allows us to cross-sell value added insurance products in compliance with the regulations of the National Superintendency of Insurance (Superintendencia de Seguros de la Naci´on) and of the Central Bank, as applicable. Additionally, our 140 consumer finance points of sale offer an attractive platform for cross-selling certain credit cards and loans. We cross-sell non-financial services and products such as insurance products and plans, tourism packages, health insurance and health services, electric appliances and furniture, and alarm systems through Espacio Cordial and our senior citizen service centers.

Our Digital Innovation Strategy

We intend to expand our digital banking channel and online banking platform. Our goal is to offer an outstanding digital experience to our clients. We intend to continue to increase the number of active online users and to migrate our services to digital channels, which we expect will allow us to increase low-cost distribution and convert service centers into full bank branches. We also intend to continue launching mobile banking applications, which will enable “one click” payment and "one click" loan functionalities, with anytime and everywhere financial services and provide alerts and messages to customers in order to achieve cost efficiencies through low-cost social network advertising.

Ongoing technological evolution has given rise to a digital revolution which has a deep impact in the financial system. Changes in customer preferences indicate profound changes in the Banking industry in the future. With this view, the Digital Innovation Unit aims at establishing a deep and dynamic research process for the creation of value for new generations and profiles of users. The Digital Innovation Unit participates in the development of new tools (products or services) generated internally and/or with the participation in the so-called FINTECH companies.


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Grupo Supervielle

Cordial Compania

Tarjeta Automatica

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Competitive advantages

Remarkable ability to grow

  • Fantastic sales machine
  • Growth explained both by acquisitions and a strong organic growth

Longstanding reputation

  • Household name
  • Oldest Private Franchise in the country

Leadership in segments, products and geographical areas. Segmented value proposition

  • SME and Middle Market
    • Time to cash leveraging on our proximity to customers
    • Market leaders in Factoring with 7.4% of market share
    • Market Leaders in Leasing with a 17.6% market share
  • High Income
    • Strategically Positioned Network in the economic belt of Argentina
  • Senior Citizen´s segment
    • Largest dedicated network with 78 branches and a share of 14.1% of the national market share
    • Highly cross-selled customer base with financial and non-financial services

Broad funding base

  • Retail funding franchise