Our social responsibility plan is built around four axes, developed through our largest subsidiary, the Bank.

Our strategic objectives in the area of CSR are:

  • To be perceived as a bank that is profitable and innovative, but also as an agent of change and builder of sustainable social value.
  • Synergize the initiatives of the area with local communities where the bank is located.
  • To build a corporate culture of collaboration and shared responsibilities.
Casa Rafael

We support in their work with at-risk children and young adults from the neighborhood of La Boca. Through the arts they teach the children to harness their strengths to find resilience.


Through a matching funds program we sponsor UNICEF’s main fundraising event in Argentina, Un Sol para los Chicos.

Banco de Alimentos

At Supervielle, we support the Argentinean Food Banks (members of the Global Food Banking Network) by matching the donations from our customers. Thanks to the campaign initiated in 2017 we have achieved a collection of $ 46,500 argentine pesos per month, which ensures the supplementary feeding of 3,340 people monthly.

Futuros Egresados

We partner with Fundacion Cimientos in their scholarship program that promotes high-school students of low income families to finish their studies. As part of our corporate volunteering program, each of our sponsored students is tutored by a committed employee. We fund this program through a matching funds campaign with our clients.

Construyendo Mi Futuro

We offer recent high-school graduates from public schools where Ensena x Argentina (Argentine chapter of Teach x America) teaches a summer internship at the bank. The program is meant to help them make the transition from high-school to adult life.

Premio a la Innovación

We promote a federal anual competition that prizes innovation in public management focused on economic development and equality.


Is a digital technology course dictated in different Universities with which we partner, that helps our senior clients bridge the technological gap to connect with younger generations.

Grandes Autores, Relatos Cortos

In line with our goal of sponsoring a healthier life for our seniors, we designed an annual competition that stimulates their imagination and promote their values. Through our corporate volunteering program our employees are invited to read and grade the stories.

La Cita

A free newspaper offered to our senior clients. Together with NGO Proyecto Surcos we publish articles about health and active aging to prevent dependency in our monthly issues.